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Some companies and individuals treat ‘wrap removal’ as if it was a simple task. In fact, our team of installation experts remove old decals, wraps, residue, and everything else necessary to do a proper install. Sometimes, it’s more important that we invest more time prepping a vehicle than actually wrapping the material or installing spot graphics to the vehicle.

Our quotes are based on a visual inspection of a vehicle. From time to time we’re forced to increase the price of install due to variances and the items noted below. Make sure to thoroughly clean your vehicle the day before you drop it off or have us visit for an installation as each element needs time to properly dry.

Items that can increase the fees surrounding prep and removal:

  1. An unclean vehicle that requires our team to actually wash the application areas. This will also certainly foul up the schedule due to drying time.
  2. Unknown items ‘under’ an old decal or wrap. From time to time we remove wraps only to find another layer of decals or wraps! Our assumption at the time of quotation is based on a single wrap or decal that can be seen at the time of quotation.
  3. Equipment removal – when we quote the vehicle, it’s based on the assumption that we can ‘get into’ the tight places and only remove certain items. If we can’t install something at the quality we’ve discussed, we’ll need to have our certified mechanics remove the offending equipment and replace it – this adds time and cost to the installation that we must pass on to the customer.
  4. Residue from prior wraps – if a customer brings a vehicle for wrapping, and they’ve taken the time to remove material that’s great, however, if the residue from decals or wraps are still on the vehicle, we’ll need to properly remove it with a team of experienced mechanics. Again, this will add time and cost to the wrap.

We’ll always do our best to keep your costs down and on time, but we need your help! Look for our prep documentation and don’t hesitate to ask any questions to confirm things.