What wrap is best for you?

Once you have decided that wrapping your vehicle or fleet is the next step in your business plan, the task of deciding exactly what that will look like is your next step. The next big decision you need to manage is whether to do a full wrap, partial wrap, or vinyl decals and lettering. There are a few things to take into consideration as you decide what vehicle graphics will be best for your needs.

Vehicle type
The size and shape of the vehicle you are wrapping should be one of your main considerations when deciding what type of wrap to install. Vehicles with large expanses of space will be a good choice for partial truck wraps or van wraps. If you are covering a smaller vehicle, a full wrap will give you more bang for your buck and space to create an impact with your design.

Vehicle color
If the color of your vehicle is a good compliment for your logo and wrap design, a partial car wrap might be your best choice. However, if you are working on a full fleet wrap with multiple vehicle colors or the original paint job just doesn’t mesh well with your design, a full wrap will be the way to go. Aesthetics are so important to your business’ image and the impact created by your updated vehicle will go further when everything has a cohesive look.

Budget limitations
Of course, your business’ budget is extremely important in making the decision between full and partial car wraps. Partial wraps may cost a bit less, depending on the specific vehicle, design needs, and how much assistance you need with customization. Taking advantage of options like die cut decals and lettering can solve a lot of advertising problems without spending much money. Consulting with Sigma Wraps will help you to determine what type of wrap will fit your needs and budget.

Having a branded vehicle or fleet is going to help you stand out, whether it’s parked in front of your building or out on the streets of Dallas. Schedule a consultation today to see whether a full or partial wrap will create the image that you want to project and drive awareness of your business.